ReFeel in the Dominican Republic


ReFeel is pleased to announce the opening of its brand new international branch in Central and South America.

The new office, strategically opened in Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic, is the starting point for the group expansion on the Dominican island as well as on neighboring countries in the Caribbean and Central American areas.. At almost two years after the entry into the Eastern European market with the opening of the Bucharest branch, ReFeel continues its strategic internationalization process in order to diversify its activities, both in terms of scope and market differentiation, maintaining always high the firm philosophy of sustainable investments through the use -and empowerment- of local resources and capabilities.

Characterized by great natural resources and growing energy needs, the Dominican island -like other Caribbean islands and Central American countries- represent an important objective for the ReFeel Spa, which is always keen and motivated in considering new, innovative and sustainable, ideas and opportunities.

ReFeel Dominican Republic is up and running with a team of highly qualified local resources coordinated by a senior partner. On the island, ReFeel RD has already undertaken various development initiatives and projects for the production of renewable energy as well as energy efficiency advisory services directed to energy-intensive subjects such as hotel & resort, small and medium enterprises and commercial buildings.