An integrated energy network

Glocal sustainable solutions


 ReFeel is an independent, integrated network of energy companies, characterised by a “glocal” strategy (a global vision with a local approach) that is clear and transparent:
green and innovative energy solutions for sustainable development that respect the environment and mankind. Through a strategy that is diversified both technologically
and geographically, ReFeel network offers leading edge, carbon-free solutions for the production, distribution and efficient use of energy.




Execution of customised solar photovoltaic turnkey solutions


Creation of business opportunities in the form of ready-to-be-built projects


Better understanding of consumption patterns and innovative solutions to reduce them


An offer of sustainable mobility solution for corporate clients


A comprehensive experience in renewable energies at the service of our clients

Refeel emobility

ReFeel eMobility is an innovative carsharing station-based service available to your employees and eventually employees of neighbouring businesses who share the same parking space, which brings businesses and employees closer to electrical mobility. A flexible, eco-sustainable and convenient solution in order to move around the city during your business day, and also for your leisure time.

Track Record

  • EPC
  • Development
  • Energy Efficiency
  • eMobility
  • Advisory

Granja Avicola,Panama

Ground Mounted - 605 kWp

Molino de Arroz,Panama

Ground Mounted - 560 kWp

Olandia, Italy

Rooftop - 536 kWp

Warehouse, Dominican Republic

Rooftop - 512 kWp


Paipa 2, Colombia

PV - 83 MW

Paipa 1, Colombia

PV - 66 MW

Pubenza, Colombia

PV - 58 MW

Ubaté, Colombia

PV - 32 MW

Energy Efficiency


Energy Audit, Energy Management


Energy Audit, Energy Management, Intervention


Energy Audit, Energy Management


Energy Audit, Energy Management


The corporate car sharing service currently offered by ReFeel is composed of an integrating set of advanced services for sustainable mobility:

  • Client support in the identification and definition of its needs in terms of sustainable mobility within his corporate
  • Client support in the identification of the appropriate EVs to be included in the corporate fleet
  • Provision of electric charging stations compatible with the identified EVs
  • Installation of a management integrated platform for EV car sharing

Private and Institutional client

Scouting, Due diligence, Support in acquisition

European Investment Fund

Scouting, Due diligence, Support in acquisition


Three new photovoltaic power plants in Colon for ReFeel Panama

ReFeel Panama SA celebrates the connection to the network of three solar photovoltaic generation plants on some warehouses located in the free zone of Colon, Republic of Panama. The solar generation plants with a nominal size of 450 kWp consist of 1,600 solar panels of 280Wp. Our clients, persons responsible for the environment and aware […]

ReFeel RD installs a new solar power plant in Puerto Viejo

Dominican renewable energy project developer and EPC ReFeel RD installed a 1.5 MW PV plant in Puerto Viejo, province of Azua (DR). The PV system, which covers aproximately a 2 hectare area is located within the Monte Rio thermal power plant premises. The installation, an auto-generation plant, is owned by Lear Investment, owner of Generadora […]

A new photovoltaic power plant in Santo Domingo for ReFeel RD

ReFeel RD SRL celebrates the connection to the network of a new solar photovoltaic generation plant on the warehouses of Manuel Gonzalez Cuesta S.A. , one of the companies of the Cuesta Nacional Group, located in the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. The solar generation plant of nominal size of 512 kWp consists […]