ReFeel was born in 2007 as developer of renewable energy plants. Activity that it is still carrying out today focusing on different technologies (PV, biomass and small wind turbine), in different geographies.
As a development company, ReFeel has been focusing on the creation of business opportunities in the form of authorized and ready-to-be-built projects, with the highest degree of bankability for final off-takers.

The typical development process is articulated in the following phases, all managed by ReFeel:

  • Identification of surfaces (agricultural land, industrial land, rooftops, etc.) fully suitable for the installation of renewable energy plants. Land contract agreements. Setting up of the supply chain, when necessary (biomass);
  • Management of relationships with electric distributors and transmission companies concerning the connection of the plants to the grid;
  • Project drawing and related ancillary works. Preparation of technical environmental analyses according to the local regulation, in order to minimize the environmental impact of the projects;
  • Authorization of the projects according to applicable regulation. Maintaining close relationships with local governments and the communities involved is a hallmark of the company way of behaving;
  • Setting up of special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and structuring of the financial side of the deal once the asset is fully authorized and ready to be built;
  • Negotiation of PPAs (power purchase agreements) when necessary in order to make the asset bankable.

ReFeel development activity is managed by local branches, leveraging on the multy-country know-how generated in the last 10 years.

ReFeel develop track record

Photo Name Location Type Power
Paipa 2 Colombia PV 83 MW
Paipa 1 Colombia PV 66 MW
Pubenza Colombia PV 58 MW
Veraguaz 4 Panama PV 40 MW
Pantano Rosso Italy PV 35 MW
Ubatè Colombia PV 32 MW
Bainsizza Italy PV 21 MW
Mauri Italy PV 19,9 MW
Alessandria Italy PV 15 MW
MAG Italy PV 14 MW
Pavia Italy PV 10 MW
Coclã 3 Panama PV 10 MW
Chiriqui Panama PV 10 MW
Veraguaz 1 Panama PV 9,9 MW
Dragalina Romania PV 9 MW
Coclã 1 Panama PV 8 MW
Veraguaz 3 Panama PV 6,7 MW
Brandetti Italy PV 5,9 MW
Rinaldone Italy PV 5,7 MW
Giammanigli Italy PV 5,5 MW
Del Vicario Italy PV 5,2 MW
Veraguaz 2 Panama PV 5 MW
Federico Franco Italy PV 5 MW
Borgo Piave Italy PV 5 MW
Riviera Italy PV 5 MW
Mancini Italy PV 4,4 MW
Costantini Italy PV 4 MW
Cocomeri Italy PV 3,8 MW
Raglione Italy PV 3,5 MW
Herrera Panama PV 3 MW
Morgani Italy PV 2,5 MW
Bray Italy PV 2,4 MW
Meriglia Italy PV 2,2 MW
Scopeto Vignoli Italy PV 2,1 MW
Herrera Panama PV 2 MW
Coclã 2 Panama PV 2 MW
Mazzulli Italy PV 1,9 MW
Renosolar Italy PV 1,7 MW
Guardia Lombardi Italy PV 1,3 MW
Capanna Italy PV 1 MW
Piscã Italy PV 1 MW
Andreatta Italy PV 1 MW
Cipolla Italy PV 1 MW
Olandia Italy PV 0,5 MW