Turnkey plants for energy production

ReFeel builds turnkey plants for the energy production from renewable sources, in particular:

  • Photovoltaic installations on buildings, ground mounted, shelters and car parks.
  • Solar thermal installations.
  • Cogeneration, trigeneration and microgeneration plants.
  • Mini wind turbine systems.
  • Heating plants with a focus on energy saving.

ReFeel is primarily addressing industrial and commercial clients requiring interventions aimed at reducing energy related costs through the implementation of optimized self-generation and self-consumption processes.

ReFeel focuses its activity on customers needs according to ReFeel’s guiding principles:


10 years spent in the renewable energy business with relevant international experiences, are at basis of ReFeel’s know-how and its industrial relations


ReFeel is an independent player with no exclusive tie with any specific technology supplier: this positioning allows ReFeel to offer customized solutions to its customers with no conflict of interests. No compromises on the quality of the installation, thanks to the choice of using Tier 1 technology suppliers only. Direct access to suppliers, no need to rely on distributors


ReFeel deals only with the turnkey installations of plants that truly knows how to build. International engineering team, but with a “European brain”. Customized approach tailored to customers’ needs


ReFeel is able to install every “green” solution available today in the market

ReFeel supports the client in every step of the project, according to a turnkey logic:

  • 1
    Preliminary Phase
  • 2
    Executive Phase
  • 3
    Operation & Maintenance (O&M)
  • On-site visits in order to identify the possible areas of action
  • Preliminary offer: preparation of a preliminary offer based on the results of the on-site survey
  • Potential support to the financial structuring of the deal
  • Preparation and assistance throughout the entire authorization phase (civil, electric, environmental)
  • Executive drawings, project engineering
  • Material procurement and management of logistics
  • Installation of the plant according to the agreed project timeline
  • (When needed) connection to the grid and management of the relationships with distribution companies
  • On-going plant performance monitoring
  • Planned maintenance
  • Urgency interventions
  • Asset management


ReFeel epc track record

Photo Name Location Type Power
Puerto Viejo Dominican Republic Ground Mounted 1.5 MWp
Granja Avicola Panama Ground Mounted 605 kWp
Molino de Arroz Panama Ground Mounted 560 kWp
Olandia Italy Rooftop 536 kWp
Remer Italy Rooftop 513 kWp
Warehouse Dominican Republic Rooftop 512 kWp
Innovacentro - Manoguayabo Dominican Republic Rooftop 498 kWp
Colon Panama Rooftop 450 kWp
Centro Logistico Panama Rooftop 350 kWp
Hotel en Panama Panama Rooftop 350 kWp
Bodega en Colon Panama Rooftop 302 kWp
Televisora Costa Rica Rooftop 237 kWp
Elmec Panama Rooftop 234 kWp
SUNIX y VOLVO Dominican Republic Rooftop 225 kWp
Supermercado Nacional - Punta Cana Dominican Republic Rooftop 220 kWp
CCN Dominican Republic Rooftop 219 kWp
ELMEC Chiriqui Panama Rooftop 218 kWp
Food Transformation Center Panama Rooftop 200 kWp
Chicken Farm Panama Rooftop 200 kWp
Rizek Cacao Dominican Republic Parking 189 kWp
Galeras de pollo Panama Ground Mounted 187 kWp
Banco BCT, sucursal de Rohrmoser, edificio ECO Costa Rica Rooftop 187 kWp
Ospedale dei poveri Italy Rooftop 182 kWp
Hotel en Panama Panama Parking 150 kWp
Grain Elevator Plant Costa Rica Ground Mounted 131 kWp
Cerro Azul Panama Rooftop 119 kWp
Warehouse and Offices Panama Rooftop 110 kWp
Constructora Rizek Dominican Republic Rooftop 110 kWp
Valiente Fernandez Dominican Republic Rooftop 105 kWp
Red Box Panama Rooftop 100 kWp
Residencia en Panama Panama Rooftop 99 kWp
Fis Italy Rooftop 98 kWp
Workshop & Hangar Dominican Republic Rooftop 91 kWp
Banco Popular Dominican Republic Rooftop 88 kWp
Planta Manufactura Comercial en Zona Franca Costa Rica Rooftop 81 kWp
Tevia Italy Rooftop 73 kWp
Hotel en Panama Panama Parking 61 kWp
Fashion Group Panama Rooftop 56 kWp
Banco Popular Dominican Republic Rooftop 55 kWp
Avícola Costa Rica Rooftop 53 kWp
Resort en Panama Panama Ground Mounted 52 kWp
Scatolificio Crippa Italy Rooftop 51 kWp
ECO Resort Panama Ground 50 kWp
Centro Educativo Privado Costa Rica Rooftop 47 kWp
Valiente Fernandez Dominican Republic Rooftop 40 kWp
Banco Popular Dominican Republic Rooftop 40 kWp
Aventuras Naturale Hotel Costa Rica Rooftop 33 kWp
Restaurante Costa Rica Rooftop 33 kWp
Banco Popular Dominican Republic Rooftop 33 kWp
Laboratorio Clínico Costa Rica Rooftop 32 kWp
Residencia privada en Penonome Panama Ground Mounted 30 kWp
Private Client Dominican Republic Rooftop 25 kWp
Private Client Dominican Republic Rooftop 25 kWp
Edificio de Oficinas Costa Rica Rooftop 25 kWp
Private Client Dominican Republic Rooftop 25 kWp
Banco BCT Costa Rica Rooftop 24 kWp
Banco Popular Dominican Republic Rooftop 24 kWp
ABM de Costa Rica Costa Rica Rooftop 19 kWp
Privare Client Dominican Republic Rooftop 13 kWp
Residencia Villa Real Costa Rica Rooftop 12 kWp
Private Client Dominican Republic Rooftop 12 kWp
Centro Pheonicia Costa Rica Rooftop 11 kWp
Residencia Vacacional Costa Rica Rooftop 10 kWp
Arraial do Cabo Brasil Rooftop 9 kWp
Proyecto Residencial Costa Rica Rooftop 5 kWp
Aventuras Naturales Oficinas Costa Rica Rooftop 8 kWp
Centro Marino Panama Rooftop 4 kWp